The Permit Process 

  1.  The Applicant must complete an online application through the Online Construction Permit Intake (OCPI) located at dcra.dc.gov. 

  2. Permit Counter Intake: Once the applicant has confirmed that there are restrictions or holds on the property the PRC will define what type of construction is needed, provide the classification, work on MEP,  and review Fire Protection, Zoning, Green building, and Structural.


Sister Agencies to DCRA Include:  

  • District Department of Energy and Environmental (DOEE) – Approval is required when construction involves land disturbance and storm water management.  

  • DC Water and Sewer (WASA) – Approval is required for water/sewer or pipe installation, connections to water and sewer mains in streets.  

  • District Department of Transportation (DDOT) – Approval is required for any construction that involves the use of public space (public streets, sidewalks and alleys).  

  • Department of Health (DOH) – Approval is required for all establishments to comply with the DC Health Regulations.  


The applicant must pay a filing fee of 50% of the total permit cost, not to exceed $20,000, which will be adjusted towards the payment of the final permit fee at the time of issuance.   

The Permit Operations Division now has a complete review team for the Homeowner’s Center whose primary focus will be for owner-occupied one and two-family homes. Currently, all discipline reviews (Structural, Mechanical/Plumbing, Electrical, Fire) are completed with two reviewers, except for Zoning. The scope of work include, but are not limited to, interior remodeling, alterations and repairs, and non-load bearing demolitions.  

Homeowners Center


Residential Review Team

The residential plan review team consists of reviewers of each discipline (Structural, Mechanical/Plumbing, Electrical Fire) performing a thorough review solely on projects that include one and two-family dwellings and small multi-unit buildings. By having a dedicated team to focus on Residential projects, reviews are more consistent and completed in a faster timeframe.