Architectural Services

Services include:

1.  Programming 

2.  Schematic Design 

3.  Design Development 

4.  Construction Documents 

*Note that these services are necessary and are typically not negotiable in terms of what they contain.

Architectural Services

Architecture Services Include:

Programming includes an architectural site visit along with documents concerning the site and the proposed structure.

Design Development and Schematic Design are where additional details are added to the the Program of the building and are a continuation and a further exploration of the building's Program.

Construction Documents are where the final details are added to the projects. Architectural drawings such as: building sections, wall sections, finish schedules, and more are finished and bound.   

Record Drawings  these drawings are needed when the owner of the property does NOT have drawings for their existing home or building they wish to renovate. To design new plans the architect will need to have existing plans thus this process is highly recommended.


Construction Administration these are additional services where the architect will make periodical visits to the project site, and review any drawings submitted by the project manager and contractor. The architect making these visits helps the construction process run smoother due to their knowledge of the fine details.​

3D Imagery

These are three-dimensional hand-drawn or computerized imagery of their designs.  This can also involve 3D animations, which is a movie of a Client’s project.  Images can be either fixed (static) of a single viewpoint or have multiple single views.  The imagery may be plain and only consist of lines or may be near-photo-realistic.